Andover Hall (T)

NZ $6,500 + GST

(AU $7,150 incl GST)

t2, 1:56.4; t3, 1:51.6 $875,047 16.2hh

Garland Lobell - Amour Angus by Magna Force

  • A $482,000 yearling, Andover Hall was a US TROTTING COLT of the YEAR at TWO and a WORLD CHAMPION three-year-old
  • The leading North American Sire of two-year-old trotters with his FIRST CROP - headlined by the champions Donato Hanover and Pampered Princess
  • The champion All-Age Trotting Sire with JUST TWO crops racing
  • Sire of the most expensive yearling ever at $825,000
  • Sire of TWELVE MILLIONAIRES and FIVE WORLD CHAMPIONS, with average earnings per starter of over $105,000
  • Sire of ELITLOPP winners Nuncio and Magic Tonight, as well as the 2017 Hambletonian winner Perfect Spirit
  • Down-under, the sire of 2YO Group 1 winners Jaxnme and Is That A Bid, as well as 2YO Breeders Crown runner-ups Andover Sun and Dream Mastar
  • In 2018/19 Australia's Leading Sire of 2YO Trotters
Garland Lobell
ABC Freight
Gamin Lobell
Noble Victory
A.C.'s Princess
Victory Song
Emily's Pride
A.C.'s Viking
Dear Rodney
Speedy Crown
Genya Hanover
Speedy Scot
Missile Toe
Gleeful Hanover
Amour Angus
Magna Force
Kenwood Scamper
Florida Pro
Arnie Almahurst
Nevele R Pride
Lindy's Speedy Lady
Super Bowl
Speedy Count
Brendina Hanover
Maternal Family

Sire Line

Garland Lobell T1:55.6 $345,689 by ABC Freight from Gamin Lobell by Speedy Crown

The winner of 14 races, including a heat of the Kentucky Futurity in a then stakes record time of 1:55, Garland Lobell was to become one of North America's most influential trotting sires despite beginning his stud career in the relative obscurity of Quebec at a fee of a mere $2,000 and was subsequently inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame in 2005.

He is the sire of 542 winners of over $53,800,000, 167 $100,000 earners including:

Cameron Hall (f) 1:53.8 $2,138,787. Champion 2 and 3yo filly.
Andover Hall 1:51.6 $875,047. Dan Patch and Nova 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year. World Champion. Champion Sire.
Angus Hall 1:54.6 $830,654. Champion Sire.
Conway Hall 1:53.8 $818,884. Dan Patch, Nova and O'Brien 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year. Champion Sire.
Justice Hall
1:54.8 $811,879.
Mighty Moses
 1:54.4 $701,800.

Dam Line

Amour Angus 2:03.2f $21,355 - The greatest trotting broodmare of the modern era.

Dam of 10 winners, incl:
Andover Hall (Garland Lobell) 1:51.6 $875,047 - see record.
Angus Hall (Garland Lobell) 1:546 - $830,654. At 2, won Champlain Stks, elim Breeders Crown, Simpson Stks. At 3, won elim Hambletonian, elim Matron Stks, 2nd Hambletonian Final, American National Stks, Bluegrass Stks. Champion Sire.
Conway Hall (Garland Lobell) 1:53.8 - $818,884. At 2, won Champlain Stks, Campbellville Stks, Bluegrass Stks. US and Canadian 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year. At 3, won heat Kentucky Futurity, Simpson Stks, elim American National, elim Breeders Crown, Italian Orsi Mangelli. 2nd Breeders Crown Final. Champion Sire.
Emile Cas El (Garland Lobell) 1:57.2 - $454,688. 19 wins at 2 and 3. O'Brien Horse of the Year, 2YO Trotting Filly of the Year. Dam of Hambletonian winner Trixton 1:50.6 $968,696.
Adams Hall (Garland Lobell) 1:55.2 $395,019. At 2nd Bluegrass Stks, 3rd Kentucky SS, elim and Final Lexington Breeders Classic.

2nd dam:

Kenwood Scamper by Texas from Lindy's Speedy Lady

Dam of 10 winners incl:
Emile Angus
1:57.8 $262,630 - 30 wins. (Garland Lobell)
Goliath Angus 2:00f $145,654 - 17 wins. (Magna Force)
Imperial Angus 1:58.2f $101,372 - 10 wins. (Garland Lobell)
Canne Angus 2:03.6 $36,045 - 15 wins. (Magna Force) - dam of Cameron Hall 1:53.8 $2,138,737 - 19 wins and Canland Hall 1:57 $339,143 - 10 wins and dam of champion trotter and sire Cantab Hall 1:54 $1,442,303. 
Amour Angus 2:03.2 $21,355 - 5 wins. (Magna Force) See record above.








Money Won

Record Time














1:51.6 WR








Andover Hall was the Dan Patch and Nova 2-Year-Old Trotting Colt of the Year in 2001, winning an elim. and Final of the Campbellville Stks, Champlain Stks, Bluegrass Stks, Horseman Stks, an elim. of the Breeders Crown and the Hanover Colt Stks.  

A world champion at 3, he won the World Trotting Derby; was second in a heat of the Kentucky Futurity, the American-National Stks, a Hambletonian elim, an elim. of the Canadian Trotting Classic, Kentucky Spring Championship and was third in both a heat of the Kentucky Futurity and Breeders Crown.


Andover Hall's first Southern Hemisphere crop are 4-year-olds in 2019-20. To date he is the sire of:

JAXNME (f) t2, 2:00.2 - $107,200. 5 wins to date. At 2, won Vicbred Super Series Final (Gr.1), Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic Final (Gr.1), Ht Breeders Crown, Ht Vicbred Home Grown Classic Fillies Final, Ht Vicbred SS; 2nd AUS Breeders Crown Fillies Final (Gr.1). Australian 2YO Trotting Filly of the Year. (Muscle Hill)
t2, 2:02.3 - $58,650. 2 wins to date. At 2, won Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic C&G Final (Gr.1), Ht Breeders Crown; 2nd Redwood Classic (Gr.1), Ht Vicbred SS; 3rd AUS Breeders Crown C&G Final (Gr.1); 4th Vicbred Super Series Final (Gr.1). (CR Commando)
 t2, 2:02.2 - $52,790. 3 wins to date. At 2, won Ht Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic, Ht Vicbred Super Series; 2nd AUS Breeders Crown C&G Final (Gr.1), Vicbred Super Series Final (Gr.1). (Sundon)
t2, 2:03.4 - $37,170. 1 win. At 2, 2nd Aust. Breeders Crown Final (Gr. 1), Vicbred SS Heat; 3rd Vicbred SS Final (Gr.1). (Pine Chip)
ANDITOVER t3, 2:01 -  $35,270. 4 wins to date. At 2, won Aust. Breeders Crown Heat. (Brylin Boyz)
 t3, 2:04.3 - $30,635. 3 wins to date. At 2, 3rd Vicbred SS Heat, 4th Vicbred SS Final (Gr.1), Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic (Gr.1). At 3, 3rd Vicbred SS Silver Trot (Gr.3). (Wagon Apollo)
t, 1:56.9 - $28,190. 3 wins to date. At 3, won Breeders Crown Silver Trot (Gr.3), 3rd Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic (Gr.1). (Pegasus Spur)
LADY BE GOOD (f) t, 2:05.5 - $16,805. 1 win to date. At 3, 2nd Northern Trotting Oaks (Gr.3)(Sundon)
t3, 2:02 - $15,149. 1 win to date. (Muscles Yankee)
t, 2:03.9 - $13,010. 2 wins to date. At 2, 4th Breeders Crown Silver Trot (Gr.3). (Lindy Lane)
 t3, 2:07.8 - $9,210. 1 win to date. At 2, 2nd Breeders Crown Silver Trot (Gr.3)(Pine Chip)
t3, 2:05.9 - $9,240. 1 win to date. (Sundon)
NAKED AMBITION (f) t3, 2:02 - $8,120. 2 wins to date. (Starcus)
t, 2:10.8 - $8,030. 1 win to date. (Dream Vacation)
ITSALLANDOVER t2, 2:07.1 - $8,020. 1 win to date. (Glidemaster)
t3, 2:03.3 - $7,570. 1 win to date. (Sundon)
ANDY HALL t4, 2:07.4 - $5,500. 1 win to date. (Chiola Cola)
(f) t4, 2:09.2 - $5,420.. 1 win to date. (Continentalman)
t4, 2:09.0 - $4,975. 1 win to date. (Muscles Yankee)
t3, 2:08.5 - $4,640. 1 win to date. (S J's Photo)
t3, 2:03.2 - $4,010. 1 win to date. (King Conch)

A leading North American sire
since his first crop, Andover Hall is the sire of 580 North American winners of over $82,700,000, 505 in 2:00, 141 in 1:55 and 203 $100,000+ earners incl:

NUNCIO 1:50.4 - $3,412,099. At 3, won Kentucky Futurity, Yonkers Trot, Bluegrass Stks, Matron Stakes, Reynolds, 2nd Hambletonian, Stanley Dancer Memorial, Beale Memorial. At 4, won Int. G1 Swedish Breeders Crown Final, 3rd, Elitlopp Final. Aged, won Elitlopp Final, Sundsvall Open, Jubileumspokalen, UET Trotting Masters Final. 2016 Swedish Horse of the Year. (Lindy Lane)
1:50.2 - $3,058,058. World Champion. At 2, won elim. And Final Breeders Crown, elim. And Final Peter Haughton Memorial, Bluegrass Stks, International Stallion Stks, E.H. Harriman Cup. At 3, won elim. And Final Hambletonian, elim and Final Canadian Trotting Classic, World Trotting Derby, elim. And Final Stanley Dancer Trot, heat and Final Kentucky Futurity, Bluegrass Stks, Dickerson Cup, 2nd in elim Breeders Crown, 3rd Final Breeders Crown. At 2, US 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year, US Horse of the Year, Trotter of the Year. US 3YO Trotter of the Year. Successful sire. (Donerail)
1:51.4 - $2,182,138. At 2, won Bluegrass Stks. At 3, won Kentucky Futurity, Bluegrass Stks, elim Hambletonian, 2nd Breeders Crown Final. At 4, won Allerage Open Trot, American-National Open. At 5, won Breeders Crown Open Trot, Int. G1 Hugo Abergs Memorial, International Prix Saint Michel. (Muscles Yankee)
(M) 1:53.0 - $1,740,605. At 2, won elim and Final Oakville Stks, Robert Stewart Stks, Champlain Stks, Bluegrass Stks, International Stallion Stks, elim. Breeders Crown, Reynolds Memorial, elim Goldsmith Maid, Tompkins-Geers Stks, 2nd Final Breeders Crown. At 3, won elim. and Final Elegantimage Stks, elim and Final Del Miller Memorial, Bluegrass Stks, elim Hambletonian, 2nd elim and Final Canadian Trotting Classic, elim and Final Breeders Crown, elim and Final Matron Stks. Dan Patch, Nova & O’Brien 2YO Trotting Filly of the Year, Dan Patch, Nova & O’Brien 3YO Trotting Filly of the Year. (Donerail)
MAGIC TONIGHT 1:51.3 - $1,362,397. At 2, won International Stallion Stks, Bluegrass Stks. At 3, won PASS Championship. Aged, won Elitlopp Elim & Final. (Self Possessed)
1:51.4 - $1,356,000. At 2, 2nd Liberty Bell. At 3, won Hambletonian, elim Earl Beal Jr Memorial; 3rd elim Hambletonian. At 4, won Gr.1 Sprintermastaren, Gr.1 Kings Cup. (Kadabra)
1:52.1 - $10,739,393SEK. At 3, won E3 Final, Ulf Thoresens Memorial, Finnish Kriterium, Gran Premio Orsi Mangelli. At 4, won SprinterMastaren Elim & Final, Finnish Derby, Grand Prix de l'UET Elim & Final. (Muscles Yankee)
 1:51.6 - $1,229,717. World Champion. At 2, won leg PASS. At 3, won elim and Final Breeders Crown, The Colonial, 2 legs and Final PASS, Bluegrass Stks, elim Hambletonian, Reynolds Memorial, 2nd Stanley Dancer Final. (Muscles Yankee)
(M) 1:52.6 - $1,200,462. At 2, won Bluegrass Stks. At 3, won elim and Final Breeders Crown, 2 heats Kentucky Filly Futurity, elim Matron Stks, leg PASS, 2nd Final PASS, 3rd Final Matron Stks, Zweig Memorial Filly. Dan Patch 3YO Trotting Filly of the Year. (Pine Chip)
BEATGOESON HANOVER (M) 1:51.8F - $1,151,959. World Champion. At 2, won 2 legs and Final PASS. At 3, won elim and Final Elegantimage Stks, Zweig Memorial Filly, Duenna Inv, Reynolds Memorial, 2nd Matron Stks Final, Keystone Classic. At 4, won Muscle Hill, elim Breeders Crown, 2nd in Final Allerage Farm Trot. (Defiant Yankee)
ADRIAN CHIP 1:54.4 - $1,136,910. World Champion. At 2, won elim Matron Stks, 2nd Matron Stks Final, elim Breeders Crown, 3rd Breeders Crown Final. At 3, won elim Hambletonian, elim Yonkers Trot, 2nd Hambletonian Final, World Trotting Derby. (Pine Chip)
1:53.4 - $822,506. At 3, won elim and Final The Goodtimes Trot, American National Stks, elim Canadian Trotting Classic, 2nd Final Canadian Trotting Classic, elim Kentucky Futurity, elim Hambletonian, elim Stanley Dancer Trot. (Lindy Lane)


Mating Hints

Mares by the Valley Victory sire line are an absolute must for Andover Hall with seven of his 11 millionaires bred this way - so mares by the likes of Muscles Yankee, Muscle Hill, Muscle Mass, Lindy Lane, Ronerail, Dr Ronerail, Yankee Glide and Self Possessed are great choices for Andover Hall.

The other sire line that Andover Hall has proved incredibly potent with in North America is the Pine Chip and Arndon sire line, making daughters of Sundon and Dream Vacation terrific matches for him.

Andover Hall also has a great record with mares by S J's Photo so mares by him and his sire sons Bacardi Lindy and Pegasus Spur are another good choice.

Along with the above, Andover Hall's full brother Angus Hall has had success down-under also with daughters of Safely Kept and Wagon Apollo.