Marcoola (T)

NZ $2,000 + GST

(AU N/A)

t, 1:53.8 $521,321 16hh

Sundon - Arabess by Grant Our Wishes

  • The richest and fastest entire son of New Zealand’s greatest ever trotting stallion
  • A three-time Group One winner – including New Zealand’s richest trotting race, the Dominion Handicap
  • NZ 3YO Trotting Colt of the Year, with a seven race win streak that included both the New Zealand and Northern Trotting Derbies
  • His 1:53.8, 12 and a 1/2 length win in the Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile was one of the most dominant performances by an open class trotter in the past decade
  • By 16-time NZ Trotting Sire of the Year, Sundon from a maternal family that has three Dominion Handicap winners in the first three generations, including New Zealand’s greatest ever trotter Lyell Creek 
Sungait Song
Arnie Almahurst
Roydon Gal
Speedy Scot
Ambitious Blaze
Super Bowl
B. F. Coaltown
Princess Diller
Sis Rodney
Diller Hanover
Ami Song
Grant Our Wishes
Laurel Creek
Speedy Somolli
Noble Grant
Speedy Crown
Noble Victory
Dotty Diller
Whistling Wings
Kahu Del
Maternal Family
Mavis Logan

Sire Line

SUNDON t, 2:01.1 $264,085 27 wins by Arndon from Sungait Song by B F Coaltown

A champion racehorse and Australasia's greatest ever trotting stallion, Sundon was New Zealand’s leading trotting sire for an unprecedented sixteen years straight from 2001.

His best progeny include:
SUNDONS GIFT (g) t, 1:54.3 - $1,275,264. 41 wins, incl. AUS Trotting Grand Prix (Gr.1) – four times, Inter Dominion Grand Final (Gr.1), NSW Trotters Mile (Gr.1) – twice, Bill Collins Mile (Gr.1).  (Chiola Hanover)
ONE OVER KENNY (m) t, 1:57 - $1,098,007. 32 wins incl. Rowe Cup (Gr.1) - twice, NZ Trotting Championship (Gr.1), National Trot (Gr.1) - twice, Australasian Trotting Championship (Gr.1), Great Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1) (Pointer Hanover)
LETS GET SERIOUS (g) t, 1:52.4US - $803,799. 40 wins, incl. 4YO Trotters Championship (Stortford Lodge)
SPRINGBANK RICHARD (g) t, 1;57.7 - $664,338. 20 wins incl Dominion Handicap (Gr.1), VIC Trotting Derby (Gr.1), Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (Gr.3), 4YO Trotters Championship (Gr.3), 4YO Harness Jewels Ruby (L), 3YO Harness Jewels Ruby (L), Ordeal Trotting Cup(L). (Gee Whiz II)
MASTER LAVROS (g) t, 1:58.6 - $608,007. 20 wins incl. Dominion Handicap (Gr.1) - twice, Rowe Cup (Gr.1), NZ Trotting Championship (Gr.1). (Super Bowl)
WHATSUNDERMYKILT (g) t, 1:57.6 - $548,603. 17 wins incl. Dominion Handicap (Gr.1). (Kiltie Boy)
ALLEGRO AGITATO (m) t, 1:57.8 - $529,854. 22 wins incl. National Trot (Gr.1), NZ Trotting Championship (Gr.1) - twice, NZ Trotting FFA (Gr.1), Australian Trotting Grand Prix (Gr.1). (Chiola Hanover)
MARCOOLA (h) t, 1:53.8 - $521,321. 16 wins incl. Dominion Handicap (Gr.1), NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1), Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1). (Grant Our Wishes)

Dam Line

ARABESS t, 2:01.2 $23,541 by Grant Our Wishes from Laurel Creek by Wingspread

Dam of 2 winners from 3 foals of racing age:

MARCOOLA t, 1:53.8 - $521,321. 16 wins. At 3, won NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1), Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1), Sires Stakes Trotters Championship (Gr.2). NZ 3YO Trotting Colt/Gelding of the Year. At 4, won Cambridge Trotters Flying Mile (Gr.2); 2nd NZ Trotting FFA (Gr.1); 3rd Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (Gr.3). Aged, won Dominion Handicap (Gr.1), Lyell Creek Stakes (Gr.2), Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (Gr.3) twice; 2nd National Trot (Gr.1), 2x Inter Dominion Heats (Gr.3). (Sundon)
Gaytana t, 2:06.9 $4,440. 1 win to date. (Trixton)

2nd dam

Laurel Creek by Wingspread from Kahlum by Noodlum

Unraced, Laurel Creek is the dam of 5 winners from 9 foals, including:

AMARETTO SUN t, 2:01.2 - $284,251. 11 wins to date. Aged, won Dominion Handicap (Gr.1); 3rd Lyell Creek Stakes (Gr.2), Canterbury Park Trotting Cup (Gr.3) (Sundon)
Arabess t, 2:01.2 - $23,541. 3 wins. (Grant Our Wishes)
Sixty Plus t, 2:07.7 - $16,064. 3 wins. (Sundon)
Filligree Sheree t, 2:11.3 - $15,696. 1 win. (Thanksgiving)

3rd dam

Kahlum by Noodlum from Kahu Del by Armbro Del

Kahlum is the dam of 6 winners including New Zealand’s greatest ever trotter Lyell Creek

LYELL CREEK t, 1:52.4 $2,961,137. 56 wins including Rowe Cup (Gr.1) - three times, Dominion Handicap (Gr.1) – three times, National Trot (Gr.1), NZ Trotting FFA (Gr.1), Inter Dominion Grand Final (Gr.1), Dullard Cup (Gr.1) – twice, Australasian Trotters Championship (Gr.1) - twice, Bill Collins Mile (Gr.1), VIC Millennium Mile (Gr.1).  (Roydon Glen)
Jacquimo t,2:02.9 $53,441. 6 wins. (Courage Under Fire)
Little Mo t,2:04.9 $49,169. 4 wins. (Courage Under Fire)
Lukes Creek t,2:06 $20,723. 3 wins. (Lindy Lane)
Millie Rose (Frugal Gourmet) Unraced, Dam of:
   Bettors Creek p,1:56.1 $81,922. 10 wins. At 3, 3rd Harness Jewels (Gr.1). (Bettor’s Delight)        
   Donegal Carrickfin p,1:57.2 $57,926. 6 wins. (Bettor’s Delight)
   Donegal Kahlum p,1:56.7 $51,479. 7 wins. (Bettor’s Delight)

4th Dam:

Kahu Del t, 2:05.7 $17,395 by Armbro Del from Tee Kahu by Tuft

The 2015-16 Broodmare Excellence Award winner, Kahu Del is the dam of 8 winners from 13 to race:

HARNETTS CREEK t,1.57.7 $296,103. 13 wins incl Kaikoura Cup (Gr.2), Ashburton Flying Stakes (Gr.2) Invercargill Cup (L), New Brighton Cup (L). (Soky’s Atom)
CULLENS CREEK p,1:56.9 $141,761. 14 wins incl Central Otago Cup (Gr.3), Hannon Memorial (Gr.3). (Christian Cullen)
Kahu’s Legacy (Live Or Die) 2.04.6, $9,447. 1 win. Dam of:
   Elms Creek p,1.56.5f $53,895. 12 Aus wins. (Bettor’s Delight)
   Resonate t,2.05.3 $69,037. 1 win. 2nd Northern Trotting Derby Gr.1). (Angus Hall)
Kahola (Chiola Hanover) Dam of:
   KAHDON t,1:59.3 $141,984. 3YO Trotting Filly Of The Year, Trotter of the Year. 5 wins, incl     
   Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1), Sires Stakes 3YO Trotters Championship (Gr.2); 2nd Harness Jewels Ruby 
   (Gr.1), NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1), NZ Trotting Oaks (Gr.3). (Sundon)
   Matua Tana t,1:59.7 $44,375. 6 wins. (Love You)
Lough Neagh (Sundon) t2,2:06.8 $10,415. 2 wins. 2YO Trotting Filly of the Year. Dam of:
   LE REVEUR t,1:56.2 $191,136. 12 NZ/US wins incl Sires Stakes Aged Trotters Classic; 2nd Harness Jewels
   4YO Ruby (Gr.1), South Bay Trotters Cup (Gr.3). (Love You)
   ARBOE t,1:55.5 $72,818. 7 wins incl Barcardi Lindy Mares Trot (Gr.2);2nd Dullard Cup (Gr.1).(Love You)
   IMA BOURBON GIRL t,1:57.8 $66,160. 8 wins incl Breed For Speed Silver Final (Gr.3).(SamBourbon)
   Lough Beg t,2:06.2 $51,080. 5 wins. NZ 3YO Trotting Filly of the Year. (CR Commando)


Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Money Won Record Time
2 4 1 - - $6,322 2:02.9
3 9 7 - - $155,062 1:59.8
4 10 3 1 1 $60,704 1:56.3
5 4 - - - $4,688  
6 11 4 2 - $240,884 1:54.5
7 11 1 3 1 $53,660 1:53.8
TOTAL 49 16 6 2 $521,321 1:53.8 NZR

At 3: Won NZ Trotting Derby (Gr.1), Northern Trotting Derby (Gr.1), Sires Stakes Trotters Championship (Gr.2). New Zealand Three Year Old Trotting Colt/Gelding of the Year

At 4: Won Cambridge Trotters Flying Mile (Gr.2); 2nd NZ Trotting Free For All (Gr.1); 3rd Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (Gr.3).

Aged: Won Dominion Handicap (Gr.1), Lyell Creek Stakes (Gr.2), Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (Gr.3) – twice; 2nd National Trot (Gr.1),  2nd 2 x Inter Dominion Trotting Heats (Gr.3), Canterbury Park Trotting Cup (Gr.3), Canterbury Print Trotting Cup (Gr.3); 3rd, Summer Trotting FFA (Gr.3).


Marcoola stands his fourth season at stud in 2023.

His oldest progeny are 2-year-olds in 2024.


Mating Hints

Marcoola’s sire Sundon has crossed tremendously well with the majority of Southern Hemisphere trotting sire lines so a wide variety of broodmares can be considered for Marcoola.

Daughters of Love You are a good option for Marcoola, with the reverse Love You – Sundon cross producing some of New Zealand’s best trotters in recent years, such as Monbet, Enghien, Habiti Inta, Habiti and Paramount King.

Mares by Dream Vacation appeal for Marcoola, with this cross offering a duplication of Arndon in the resulting progeny’s pedigree.

Mares by Garland Lobell sire line stallions, like Andover Hall, Angus Hall, Quite Easy, Creatine, The Pres, Monkey Bones and Lucky Chucky, are also a good match for Marcoola.

Other sire lines to consider include Balanced Image line mares (mares by the likes of Monarchy and Earl), Valley Victory line mares (daughters of Muscles Yankee, Muscle Mass, Skyvalley, Muscle Hill and Trixton) and S J’s Photo line mares (mares by the likes of Pegasus Spur and Bacardi Lindy).