Father Patrick (T)

NZ $9,000 + GST POLF

(AU Book Full & Closed)

t2,1:52.2f; 3,1:50.4f $2,600,571 16.1hh

Cantab Hall - Gala Dream by Enjoy Lavec

  • The richest and fastest son of champion stallion Cantab Hall
  • US and Canadian 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year; US 3YO Trotting Colt of the Year
  • A world champion at both two and three; and the highest earning standardbred of the year in 2014
  • Stunning maternal line with three 2YO's of the Year and millionaire trotters in the first two generations
  • Served outstanding books of mares in North America to date including the likes of Passionate Glide, Mission Brief, Pampered Princess and Solveig (dam of Shake It Cerry)
  • First crop North American yearlings sold for up to $330,000!
Cantab Hall
Self Possessed
Canland Hall
Victory Dream
Feeling Great
Valley Victory
Crown Dream
Mystic Park
Katie Almahurst
Garland Lobell
Canne Angus
ABC Freight
Gamin Lobell
Magna Force
Kenwood Scamper
Gala Dream
Enjoy Lavec
Maple Frosting
Pine Chip
Margit Lobell
Pine Speed
Speedy Crown
Matina Hanover
Valley Victory
Valley Regina
Baltic Speed
Valley Victoria
Meadow Road
Armbro Regina
Maternal Family

Sire Line

Cantab Hall T3, 1:54.0 $1,442,303 by Self Possessed from Canland Hall by Garland Lobell

An exceptional racehorse Cantab Hall was unbeaten in 10 starts as a 2-year-old and won over $1 million in stakes as a 3-year-old.

His perfect 2yo season saw him crowned not only the Dan Patch and Nova 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year but also the overall Dan Patch Trotter of the Year with his biggest wins the Breeders Crown Final, American National, International Stallion Stakes and the Bluegrass Stakes.

At 3 he claimed the American National Stakes and the Dickerson Cup as well as finishing runner-up in the Hambletonian Final, Canadian Trotting Classic and two heats of the World Trotting Derby.

He is the sire of 446 winners of over $59,300,000, 7 millionaires, 168 $100,000 earners including:

Father Patrick 1:50.4f $2,600,571. Dan Patch and O'Brien 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year, Dan Patch 3YO Trotting Colt of the Year, World Champion.
Wild Honey (f) 1:50.8 $1,687,588. World Champion.
Explosive Matter 1:52.6 $1,528,266. World Champion. Successful sire.
Uncle Peter 1:50.6 $1,294,413. World Champion.
Tamla Celeber (f) 
1:55.4 $1,191,397.
Lifetime Pursuit (f) 1:50.8 $1,074,358. World Champion.
Pastor Stephen 1:52.8 $1,058,188. Dan Patch 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year.
Wheeling N Dealin 1:54.0 $913,954. Dan Patch and O'Brien 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year.

Dam Line

Gala Dream by Enjoy Lavec from Maple Frosting

Dam of 5 winners from 6 foals, 2 millionaires and 4 in 1:55 incl:
Father Patrick (Cantab Hall) 1:50.4f $2,600,571 - see record. Dan Patch and O'Brien 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year, Dan Patch 3YO Trotting Colt of the Year. World Champion.
Pastor Stephen (Cantab Hall) 1:52.8 - $1,058,188. At 2, won Champlain Stks, elim and Final Wellwood Mem, Reynolds Mem, elim Peter Haughton Memorial, 2nd in elim and Final Breeders Crown. At 3, won Simcoe Stks, elim Earl Beal Jr Mem, 2nd Fianl Earl Beal Jr Mem. Dan Patch 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year.
Stan The Man (Credit Winner) 1:53.6 - $180,344. 12 wins, 3 thru 6.
Whom Shall I Fear (Cantab Hall) 1:52.8 - $163,935. 6 wins at 3. At 2, 2nd International Stallion Stks. At 3, won leg PASS.

2nd dam:

Maple Frosting by Valley Victory from Valley Regina

Dam of 5 winners incl:
(Credit Winner) 1:53 $1,328,250. At 2, won elim and Final Breeders Crown, American National, Bluegrass Stks, International Stallion Stks, Review Stks, Hanover Colt Stks, Hayes Memorial. At 3, won World Trotting Derby, Final American National, elim Canadian Trotting Classic, elim Stanley Dancer, 2nd in elim and Final Hambletonian. Dan Patch and Nova 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year, World Champion. Successful Sire.
Sugar Trader
(Trade Balance) 1:53.8 $734,610. At 2, won Final Matron Stks, leg NJSS, elim Valley Victory Trot, elim Harold R Dancer Mem. At 3, won elim and Final Yonkers Trot, Dickerson Cup, elim Stanley Dancer, 2nd in elim and Final Hambletonian, elim Breeders Crown.
No Frosting (Credit Winner) 1:55f $181,363. 6 wins at 3 and 4.
Sugarmakesmecrazy (Crazed) 2:00.4 $68,043. At 2, won leg New York Sire Stks, 3rd Bluegrass Stks.







Money Won

Record Time







1:52.2F WR







1:50.4F WR

4 5 1 2 - $120,995 1:52Q








The richest offspring of champion stallion Cantab Hall, Father Patrick was both the US and Canadian 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year after winning 10 of his 11 starts including the elim and Final of the Breeders Crown, elim and Final Peter Haughton Memorial, Bluegrass Stakes, Champlain Stakes and elim and Final Wellwood Memorial. 

His 1:52.2F performance in winning his Breeders Crown elimination in 2013 is still the world record for a 2YO male trotter on a 5/8ths track.

Father Patrick was again in sensational form as a 3YO, winning 12 of his 17 starts and more than $1.6 million in stakes. His biggest wins included the Breeders Crown Final, Canadian Trotting Classic, elim and Final Earl Beal Jr Memorial, Zweig Memorial, Stanley Dancer and the PASS Final. He also finished runner-up in the Kentucky Futurity and the Carl Erskine.

Father Patrick was crowned the Dan Patch 3YO Trotting Colt of the Year and also matched his 2YO World Record deeds, setting a new mark for 3-year-old trotters on a five/eighths track of 1:50.4. 

Combining breeding and racing duties Father Patrick briefly appeared on the track as a 4YO winning the Maxie Lee Memorial (defeating Bee A Magician) and narrowly going down to JL Cruze twice in the Graduate Series before being retired due to a lung infection.



Father Patrick's oldest North American crop are 2YO's in 2018, having served a restricted book of mares while still racing in 2015.

Father Patrick's oldest Southern Hemisphere foals are yearlings in 2018-19.

In the Northern Hemisphere to date, from just 44 live first crop foals, as at October 8, he is the sire of 15 race winners, including 3 $100,000 performers, of over $1,073,537:

(f) t2, 1:54 - $264,844. 4 wins to date. At 2, won Kentucky Sire Stakes Final, leg and Final New Jersey Sire Stakes, div International Stallion Stakes; 2nd 3x div. Kentucky Sire Stakes. (Muscle Yankee)
(f) t2, 1:54.4 - $149,324. 3 wins to date. At 2, won div International Stallion Stakes, elim James Doherty Memorial, leg New Jersey Sire Stakes; 2nd Kentuckiana Stallion Management "The Muscle Mass", div Bluegrass, leg NJSS. (Donato Hanover)
t2, 1:55.4 - $114,410. 2 wins to date. At 2, won div Champlain Stakes, leg New Jersey Sire Stakes; 2nd div Bluegrass; 3rd Final NJSS. (Viking Kronos)
(f) t2, 1:55.2 - $82,608. 2 wins to date. At 2, won div. Champlain Stakes, leg Kindergarten Classic; 2nd elim Peaceful Way, leg Kindergarten Classic; 4th Peaceful Way Final. (Yankee Glide)
 t2, 1:53.6 - $76,723. 2 wins to date. At 2, won leg and Final New Jersey Sire Stakes. (Donato Hanover)
FRENCH CAFE (f) t2, 1:54.5 - $71,550. 2 wins to date. At 2 won leg New Jersey Sire Stakes, div KYSS; 2nd leg and Final NJSS. (Conway Hall)
(f) t2, 1:55.8 - $46,066. 2 wins to date. At 2, won elim Peaceful Way, 2nd div. Champlain Stakes; 3rd div Tompkins Geer. (Donato Hanover)
Reign Of Honor
t2, 2:00.6Q$45,600. At 2, 2x 2nd div Kentucky Sire Stakes; 3rd KYSS Final. (Yankee Glide)
MOTHER TERESA (f) t2, 1:55.4 - $30,100. At 2, won KYSS consolation. (Muscles Yankee)
(f) t2, 2:00.2 - $29,850. 2 wins to date. At 2, won NJSS Standardbred Development Fund Final. (Donato Hanover)
(f) t2, 2:00Q - $20,710. At 2, 3rd leg NJSS, div KYSS. (Donato Hanover)
t2, 2:01 -  $18,207. 1 win to date. At 2, 3rd New Jersey Sire Stakes Development Fund. (Muscles Yankee)
 t2, 2:00.6 - $16,410. 1 win to date. (Yankee Glide)
Confession Session 
(f) $16,010. At 2, 2nd div Pure Ivory; 3rd div Pure Ivory. (Crazed)
t2, 1:58.0 - $15,800. 1 win to date. At 2, won leg New Jersey Sire Stakes; 2nd leg NJSS. (RC Royalty)
LADY ALLAIRE t2, 1:56 - $12,520. 1 win to date. (Valley Victory)
t2, 1:58.4 - $11,900. 1 win to date. (Tom Ridge)
Devilish Delight
(f) t2, 1:58Q - $11,500. At 2, 3rd KYSS consolation, leg NJSS. (Conway Hall)
Soul Strong
t2, 1:57.8Q - $5,600. At 2, 2nd leg NJSS. (Yankee Glide)
(f) t2, 1:59.4Q - $5,550. At 2, 2nd leg KYSS. (SJs Caviar)
(f) t2, 2:00.4 - $4,650. 1 win to date. (Kadabra)


Mating Hints

Father Patrick's sire Cantab Hall has crossed well with a number of different sire lines, particularly Valley Victory, which is represented in NZ and Australia through mares by the likes of Muscles Yankee, Muscle HillDr Ronerail and Lindy Lane.

Daughters of S J's Photo also have a great record with Cantab Hall in North America so mares by S J's Photo and his sire sons Pegasus Spur and Bacardi Lindy are great choices for Father Patrick.

Mares by Sundon should also suit with this cross offering a double up of Arndon.

An interesting possibility for Father Patrick would be mares by the likes of Majestic SonAngus Hall, The Pres and Monkey Bones with this resulting in influential full sisters Canne Angus and Amour Angus both appearing in the pedigree.