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p2, 1:52.9; p3, 1:54.8; p, 1:48.8 (pl. 1:46.8) $4,423,372 15.3hh

Bettor's Delight - Bethany by Christian Cullen

  • New Zealand’s greatest living standardbred and our richest ever harness horse
  • Won 15 Group 1 races throughout Australasia, including two NZ Cups, an Inter Dominion Final, the Hunter and Victoria Cups, plus the North American Grand Circuit features, the Dan Patch and the Hoosier Park Pacing Derby
  • NZ 3YO, 4YO, & 5YO and over Male Pacer of the Year, twice NZ Harness Horse of the Year, 2018 Australian Harness Horse of the Year
  • His first NZ crop of yearlings were keenly sought after in 2022, with a colt selling for $220,000 at Karaka (a record price for a Southern Hemisphere first season stallion) and averaged an incredible $55,895 at the Christchurch NZB Sale – more than seven times his service fee
  • His first North American crop yearlings sold up to $210,000 and his 2yo's are impressing to date 
Bettor's Delight
Cam's Card Shark
Classic Wish
Cam Fella
Jef's Magic Trick
Most Happy Fella
Nan Cam
B G's Bunny
Meadow Trick
Armbro Emerson
Best Of The Best
Armbro Uppity
Arlene Dares
Christian Cullen
Spirit Of Beth
In The Pocket
Pleasant Franco
Direct Scooter
Black Jade
Bo Scot's Blue Chip
Pleasant Evening
Soky's Atom
Tabella Beth
Soky's Seal
Able Bye Bye
Double Tested
Maternal Family
Mona R

Sire Line

Bettor's Delight 

As a sire, Bettor's Delight has completely re-written the record books and has been both the New Zealand and Australian Leading All Age stallion for the past ten seasons.

He is the sire of an incredible 21 Australasian bred millionaires, including:

LAZARUS 1:48.8 $4,423,372 - 37 wins including 2YO Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1), Sires Stakes Final (Gr.1), VIC Derby (Gr.1), NZ Derby (Gr.1), Northern Derby (Gr.1), 2 NZ Cups (Gr.1), Inter Dominion Final (Gr.1), Messenger Championship (Gr.1), Taylor Mile (Gr.1), NZ FFA (Gr.1),Victoria Cup (Gr.1), Chariots Of Fire (Gr.1), 4YO Bonanza (Gr.1),Hunter Cup (Gr.1), Dan Patch Invitational, Hoosier Park Pacing Derby. NZ 3YO, 4YO and 5YO & over Pacing Colt/Entire of the Year, NZ & AUS Horse of the Year. (Christian Cullen)
BIT OF A LEGEND 1:49.8 $2,657,957 - 53 wins including Aust. Breeders Crown 2YO Final (Gr.1), Aust. Breeders Crown 3YO Final (Gr.1), GM Levy Final, Battle of Lake Erie, Joe Gerrity Memorial, Quillen Memorial. (Soky's Atom)
TIGER TARA 1:49.8 $2,375,065 - 37 wins including NZ Sires Stakes Final (Gr.1), GN Derby (Gr.1), NZ FFA (Gr.1), Inter Dominion Final (Gr.1), Hunter Cup (Gr.1), Victoria Cup (Gr.1), Canadian Club Sprint (Gr.1). NZ 3YO Pacing Colt/Gelding of the Year. (Dream Away)
CHICAGO BULL 1:51.6 $2,393,590 - 62 wins to date. WA Derby (Gr.1), McInerney Ford 4YO Classic (Gr.1), 2x Fremantle Pacing Cup (Gr.1), WA Pacing Cup (Gr.1). (Christian Cullen)
BEAUTIDE 1:50.2 $2,183,132 - 49 wins. 2x Inter Dominion Grand Finals (Gr.1),  Miracle Mile (Gr.1), Len Smith Mile (Gr.1), 2x Coca Cola Amatil Sprint (Gr.1AUS Horse of the Year. (Ticket To Heaven
HAVE FAITH IN ME 1:47.5 $1,856,923 - 39 wins to date. Miracle Mile (Gr.1), Auckland Cup (Gr.1), Chariots Of Fire (Gr.1), NZ Derby (Gr.1), Harness Jewels 3YO Emerald (Gr.1), Northern Derby (Gr.1), Sires Stakes Final (Gr.1). NZ 3YO & 4YO Pacing Colt/Entire of the Year. (BG's Bunny)
SPANKEM 1:47.7 $1,816,854 – 21 wins to date. Miracle Mile (Gr.1), NZ FFA (Gr.1), Messenger Championship (Gr.1), 2x Taylor Mile (Gr.1), NZ Sires Stakes 3YO Final (Gr.1), Canadian Club Sprint (Gr.1). (Holmes Hanover)
1:50.3 $1,773,581 - 26 wins to date. 2x Auckland Cup (Gr.1), NZ Cup (Gr.1), QLD Derby (Gr.1), The Race (L). (Christian Cullen)
ADORE ME (m) 1:47.7 $1,677,032 - 26 wins. NZ Cup (Gr.1), Ladyship Mile (Gr.1), Easter Cup (Gr.1), 2x Queen Of Hearts (Gr.1), Harness Jewels 4YO Diamond (Gr.1), NZ Breeders Stks (Gr.1), Harness Jewels 3YO Diamond (Gr.1), NZ Oaks (Gr.1), Nevele R Fillies Final (Gr.1), Northern Oaks (Gr.1), Sires Stakes Fillies Championship (Gr.1). NZ 3YO Pacing Filly of the Year, 4YO & Older Pacing Mare of the Year. (BG's Bunny)
AMAZING DREAM (m) 1:50.6 $1,464,760 - 26 wins. Auckland Cup (Gr.1), Queen Of The Pacific (Gr.1), Rising Sun (Gr.1), Blacks A Fake (Gr.1), NZ Northern Derby (Gr.1), NZ Northern Oaks (Gr.1), Nevele R Fillies Series Final (Gr.1), NZ Sires Stakes Fillies Championship (Gr.1), Caduceus Club Stakes (Gr.1), Caduceus Club Classic 2YO Fillies Championship (Gr.1). (Christian Cullen)
DREAM ABOUT ME 1:53.3 $1,416,135 - 25 wins. Sires Stakes 2YO Fillies Final (Gr.1), Harness Jewels 2YO Diamond (Gr.1), Aust. Breeders Crown 2YOF Final (Gr.1), Nevele R Fillies Final (Gr.1), NZ Oaks (Gr.1), NSW Oaks (Gr.1), 2x Queen Of Hearts (Gr.1), Auckland Cup (Gr.1), NZ Standardbred Breeders Stakes (Gr.1), Ladyship Mile (Gr.1). NZ 2YO, 3YO and 4YO Pacing Filly/Mare of the Year. (Dream Away)

Dam Line

Bethany by Christian Cullen from Spirit Of Beth

A two-time NZ Pacing Broodmare of the Year, Bethany is the dam of 2 winners to date:

LAZARUS 1:48.8 $4,423,372 - 37 wins including 2YO Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1), Sires Stakes Final (Gr.1), VIC Derby (Gr.1), NZ Derby (Gr.1), Northern Derby (Gr.1), 2 NZ Cups (Gr.1), Inter Dominion Final (Gr.1), Messenger Championship (Gr.1), Taylor Mile (Gr.1), NZ FFA (Gr.1),Victoria Cup (Gr.1), Chariots Of Fire (Gr.1), 4YO Bonanza (Gr.1),Hunter Cup (Gr.1), Dan Patch Invitational, Hoosier Park Pacing Derby. NZ 3YO, 4YO and 5YO & over Pacing Colt/Entire of the Year, NZ & AUS Horse of the Year. (Christian Cullen)

CHAMPAGNE DREAMS (f) 1:55.6 $60,917. 10 wins. (Art Major)

2nd dam:

Spirit Of Beth 2:04.2 $3,413 by Soky's Atom from Tabella Beth 

A race winner, Spirit Of Beth left four winners, including two $100,000+ performers from seven foals:

VICTORY SPIRIT 1.51.6 $282,166 - 28 wins, incl Northern Country Cups Championship Final; 3rd NZ Messenger Championship (Gr.1). (In The Pocket)
UNITED WE STAND 1.56.7 $135,186 - 21 wins. (In The Pocket)
CAPTAIN WEBBER 1.51.8 $61,789 - 8 wins. (Live Or Die)
CRUSADER SPIRIT 1.54.4 $21,870 - 6 wins. (Christian Cullen)

3rd dam:

Tabella Beth 1:55.6 $94,460 by Able Bye Bye from Double Tested

The 2001-2002 Broodmare Excellence Award winner left 10 winners from 11 foals to race, including:

SPIRIT OF ZEUS 1.57.8 $243,472 - 11 wins. At 3, won NZ Sires Stakes Final (Gr.1); Great Northern Derby (Gr.1); 3rd Rising Stars Championship (Gr.2), Meadow Fresh 2000 FFA (Gr.2). (Soky's Atom)
RIP AND ROAR 1.58 $77,696 - 16 wins. (Christian Cullen)
KARMIC REWARD 1.58.6 $61,785 - 7 wins, including NZ Kindergarten Stakes (Gr.3); 3rd The Golden Mile (Gr.3). (New York Motoring)
STAR OF BETHLEHEM (Soky's Atom) $29,495 - 5 wins, including Southland Oaks (Gr.3). Dam of: STARS AND STRIPES 1:51.2 $796,528 - 40 wins, including NZ Sires Stakes Final (Gr.1), Great Northern Derby (Gr.1), Victoria Derby (Gr.1), NSW Derby (Gr.1), NZ Metropolitan 3YO Championship (Gr.2), The Noblio (Gr.2), Invercargill Cup (Gr.2), 2x Inter Dominion Heats (Gr.3). 1999/2000 NZ Pacer Of The Year, NZ 3YO Pacing Male of the Year, Australian 3YO Pacing Male of the Year. (New York Motoring), LIGHT AND SOUND 1:50.4 $560,833 - 38 wins, including NZ Sires Stakes 2YO Final (Gr.1), NZ Welcome Stakes (Gr.1), Cardigan Bay Stakes (Gr.2), Sapling Stakes (Gr.2), Te Awamutu Juvenile Stakes (Gr.2), NZ Yearling Sales 2YO Open Pace. 2001-2002 NZ 2YO Pacing Colt of the Year. (In The Pocket), Starlitnight (Tuapeka Knight) Unraced. Dam of: STAR GALLERIA 1:52.9 $488,579 - 18 wins including, Waikato Flying Mile (Gr.2), City Of Auckland FFA (Gr.2), VIC Casey Classic (Gr.2), The Founders (Gr.3), Summer Cup (Gr.3); 2nd Auckland Cup (Gr.1), NZ Messenger Championship (Gr.1), Harness Jewels 4YO Emerald (Gr.1). (Art Major), NIGHT OF THE STARS 1:55.5 - $114,982 - 9 wins. At 2, 3rd NZ Welcome Stakes (Gr.1), Harness Jewels Emerald. (Gr.1). (Christian Cullen), STAR OF VENUS 1:53TT $20,098 - 2 wins. (Christian Cullen). Dam of: SELF ASSURED 1:50.3 $1,773,581 - 26 wins, including NZ Cup (Gr.1), 2x Auckland Cup (Gr.1), Easter Cup (Gr.1), QLD Derby (Gr.1), Ashburton Flying Stakes (Gr.2), 4YO & 5YO Pacers Championship (Gr.2), Canterbury Classic (Gr.2), Hondo Grattan Stakes (Gr.2), Maurice Homes Vase (Gr.3), The Founders Cup (Gr.3), Rangiora Classic (Gr.3), The Race (L), Roy Purdon Memorial (L). (Bettor's Delight), CAVIAR STAR 1:54.2 $357,416 - 14 wins, including WA Fremantle Cup (Gr.1).  (Betterthancheddar)









Money Won

Record Time











































At 2: Won Harness Jewels Emerald (Gr.1); 2nd Cardigan Bay Stakes (Gr.1); 3rd NZ Sires Stakes (Gr.1).

At 3: Won NZ Derby (Gr.1), NZ Northern Derby (Gr.1), NZ Sires Stakes (Gr.1), Victoria Derby (Gr.1), NZ Flying Stakes (Gr.2), Alabar Classic (Gr.2). NZ 3YO Pacing Colt of the Year.

At 4: Won NZ Cup (Gr.1), NZ Free For All (Gr.1), Victoria Cup (Gr.1), NSW Chariots Of Fire (Gr.1), NZ Messenger Championship (Gr.1), NZ Taylor Mile (Gr.1), 4YO Bonanza (Gr.1), NZ Canterbury Classic (Gr.2), Ashburton Flying Stakes (Gr.2), Waikato Flying Mile (Gr.2), NZ Superstars Championship (Gr.2), NZ Roxburgh FFA (Gr.3); 2nd Ballarat Cup (Gr.1); 3rd NSW Miracle Mile (Gr.1). NZ 4YO Male Pacer of the Year. NZ Harness Horse of the Year.

At 5: Won NZ Cup (Gr.1), Ht and Final Inter Dominion (Gr.1), Hunter Cup (Gr.1), Kaikoura Cup (Gr.2), Ashburton Flying Stakes (Gr.2), Canterbury Classic (Gr.2); 2nd Fremantle Pacing Cup (Gr.1); 3rd Canadian Club Sprint (Gr.1). NZ 5YO & Over Male Pacer of the Year, NZ Harness Horse of the Year, AUS Harness Horse of the Year.

At 6: Won Dan Patch, Hoosier Pacing Derby; 2nd Canadian Pacing Derby, Allerage Farm Pace.


Lazarus stands his fourth season down-under in 2022, with his oldest southern hemisphere crop yearlings.

His oldest North American progeny are 2yo's in 2022. To date he is the sire of:

VOUKEFALAS p2, 1:50 - $137,400. 2 wins to date. At 2. won New Jersey Sires Stakes Final, div Arden Downs Stakes. (Cams Fortune)
p2, 1:51.6 - $82,500. 1 win to date. At 2, won leg New Jersey Sires Stakes; 2nd NJSS Final. (Western Ideal)
Lisa Lane
(f) Q1:57.8 - $65,100. At 2, 2nd NJSS Final. (American Ideal)
p2, 1:50.8 - $51,300. 1 win to date. At 2, won leg New Jersey Sires Stakes; 3rd NJSS Final. (Somebeachsomewhere)
WALL OF BLUE (f) p2, 1:53 - $30,600. 1 win to date. At 2, won leg New Jersey Sires Stakes. (Somebeachsomewhere)
(f) p2, 1:53.2 - $22,500. 1 win. At 2, won leg New Jersey Sires Stakes. (Somebeachsomewhere)
SIMPLY FAST p2, 1:55.6 - $7,254. 1 win to date. (Art Major)


Mating Hints

Being a son of Bettor's Delight out of a Christian Cullen mare, Lazarus should cross well with mares by Artsplace and his sire sons Art Major, Artiscape, Dream Away, Grinfromeartoear and Sportswriter - with this cross having produced some of the top Bettor's Delight pacers in both hemispheres, e.g. the likes of Bettor Twist, Carabella, Tiger Tara and Dream About Me down-under; and the likes of the two-time Dan Patch Award winner Tall Dark Stranger in the Northern Hemisphere.

Equally, Western Ideal and Western Hanover line mares (American Ideal, Big Jim, Rocknroll Hanover, Rocknroll Dance, Rock N Roll Heaven, Badlands Hanover and Jereme’s Jet) are suited to Lazarus, as highlighted by the New Jersey Sires Stakes Final runners-up Handlelikeaporsche and Lisa Lane both being out of American Ideal dams.

In terms of Direct Scooter line mares, daughters of Mach Three, Somebeachsomewhere and Captaintreacherous are a good fit, with a number of his North American winners to date being out of Somebeachsomewhere mares, including the 1:50.8 2yo Lifes A Puzzle.

Of interest, his best North American performer to date, the 1:50 New Jersey Sires Stakes Final and Arden Downs Stakes winner, Voukefalas, is out of a Cam Fella line mare. This can be replicated down-under with mares by Armbro Operative, Presidential Ball, Washington VC and Lis Mara.