Muscle Mass (T)

NZ $7,000 + GST

(AU $7,700 incl GST)

t2,1:53.8 WR $229,000 16hh

Muscles Yankee - Graceful Touch by Pine Chip

  • Undefeated WORLD CHAMPION 2-year-old trotter
  • By a CHAMPION SIRE from one of North America's MOST COMMERCIAL maternal lines
  • Leading NZ and AUSTRALIAN sire of 2-year-old trotters in 2015-16
  • Sire of three individual Group 1 winners and three national record holders from his first commercial crop
  • Sire of Australian 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year Illawong Byron and NZ 3YO Trotting Filly of the Year Chevron Express
  • In 2016/17 had an incredible 76% winners to 3-year-old starters in NZ
  • A TOP THREE juvenile sire in North America in 2017

 *Please note Muscle Mass is pay on 42 day positive test.

Muscles Yankee
Valley Victory
Maiden Yankee
Baltic Speed
Valley Victoria
Speedy Somolli
Sugar Frosting
Victorious Lou
Speedy Crown
Wistful Yankee
Speedy Scot
Missile Toe
Noble Victory
Brazen Yankee
Graceful Touch
Pine Chip
Act Of Grace
Pine Speed
Arnie Almahurst
Roydon Gal
Speedy Somolli
Piney Hanover
Valley Victory
Keystone Profile
Baltic Speed
Valley Victoria
Speedy Crown
Maternal Family

Sire Line

Muscles Yankee T1:52.4 $1,424,938 by Valley Victory from Maiden Yankee by Speedy Crown

A brilliant racehorse Muscles Yankee won 15 races as a 2 and 3-year-old and was the Dan Patch and Nova 3YO Trotting Colt of the Year courtesy of wins in the likes of the Hambletonian, Breeders Crown and Yonkers Trot etc... He was also a world champion.

As a sire Muscles Yankee has been nothing short of sensational - siring 776 (North American and Australasian breds combined) of over $99,000,000, 251 $100,000 earners, 14 millionaires including:

Mr Muscleman 1:51.2 - $3,582,823. Dan Patch, Nova 3YO Trotting Colt of the Year, Dan Patch, Nova, O'Brien Older Trotting Horse of the Year, Dan Patch Trotter of the Year. At 2, won Bluegrass Stks, elim & Final Harold R Dancer Mem. At 3, won Final Canadian Trotting Classic, Final Breeders Crown, Kentucky Futurity, Bluegrass Stks. Aged, won Final Maple Leaf Trot x2, American-National Stks, Breeders Crown, Titan Cup etc... (Meadow Road)
Muscle Hill t3, 1:50.2 - $3,273,342. Dan Patch, Nova 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year, Dan Patch, O'Brien Horse Of the Year, Dan Patch Trotter of the Year, Dan Patch, O'Brien 3YO Trotting Colt of the Year. World Champion. At 2, won elim & Final Breeders Crown, elim & Final Peter Haughton Mem., Final NJSS, Bluegrass Stks, International Stallion Stks. At 3, won elim & Final Hambletonian, elim & Final Canadian Trotting Classic, Breeders Crown, World Trotting Derby, Kentucky Futurity, American National Stks, Stanley Dancer Trot. (American Winner)
Deweycheatumnhowe t3, 1:50.8 - $3,155,178. Dan Patch, Nova 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year, Dan Patch Trotter of the Year, Dan Patch, Nova 3YO Trotting Colt of the Year. At 2, won elim & Final Valley Victory Trot, elim & Final Breeders Crown, Bluegrass Stks, International Stallion Stks. At 3, won elim & Final Hambletonian Stks, Final Canadian Trotting Classic, World Trotting Derby, elim & Final Stanley Dancer Trot, Kentucky Futurity, Bluegrass Stks. (Speedy Somollo
Strong Yankee t3, 1:50.6 - $1,434,351. At 2, won elim & Final Matron Stks. At 3, won elim & Final Breeders Crown, Final Yonkers Trot, Kentucky Futurity. (Sir Taurus)
Costa Rica (f) t3, 1:54.6 - $1,394,757. At 2, won Final Goldsmith Maid Trot, elim & Final Peaceful Way Stks, 2 legs & 2 Finals NJSS, Matron Stks. At 3, won Simcoe Stks, Final Matron Stks, Buckette, Final Helen Smith Mem. (SJ's Caviar)
I Can Doosit (NZ bred) 1:55.5 - $1,426,202 NZ Harness Horse of the Year, NZ Trotter of the Year, AUS Trotter of the Year. At 4, won G1 Harness Jewels 4YO Ruby. Aged, won G1 Inter Dominion Final - twice, G1 Rowe Cup - twice, G1 National Trot, G1 Trotting Chsp, G1 ANZAC Cup, G1 NZ FFA, G1 Dominion. (Chiola Hanover)

Dam Line

Graceful Touch t2, 1:56.2 $192,002 by Pine Chip from Act Of Grace

A stakes winning juvenile, Graceful Touch won the Review Stakes, Hayes Memorial and a Breeders Crown elimination, whilst as a 3-year-old finished second in a heat of the Filly World Trotting Derby.

Dam of 4 winners, 3 in 1:55 incl:
Muscle Massive t2, 1:57; 3, 1:51 $1,245,297 - 7 wins. At 2, wnr John Simpson Mem., 2nd International Stallion Stks. At 3, wnr Hambletonian Final, leg and Final New Jersey Sires Stks, Stanley Dancer Trot, Simcoe Stks, 2nd heat Kentucky Futurity, 3rd Final Canadian Trotting Classic. (Muscles Yankee)
Thatsnotmyname (f) t2, 1:55 $340,730 - 3 wins at 2, incl. elim and Final Merrie Annabelle Trot, New Jersey Sires Stks Final. (Windsong's Legacy)
Muscle Mass t,2 1:53.8 $229,000 - 8 wins. At 2, wnr elim and Final American National Stks, Bluegrass Stks, International Stallion Stks, Review Stks, Hayes Memorial. World Champion. (Muscles Yankee)

2nd dam:

Act Of Grace t2, 1:55.6; 3, 1:52.6 $403,525 by Valley Victory from Keystone Profile

A terrific race filly, Act Of Grace competed against the champion filly Continentalvictory and often the colt crop that included the likes of Lindy Lane, winning 10 races as a 2 and 3-year-old, including a Breeders Crown elim and Merrie Annabelle Trot elim at 2, as well as the Filly World Trotting Derby and Coaching Club Oaks at 3. She was also runner-up in a Hambletonian elim, the Beacon Course Trot Final, New Jersey Sires Stks Final, Bluegrass Stks and a heat of the Kentucky Filly Futurity.

Dam of only 2 foals, both stakes winners:
t3, 1:54 $417,457 - 9 wins. At 3, wnr World Trotting Derby, Zweig Memorial, elim and Final Kentucky Spring Champ., 2nd Dickerson Cup. (Pine Chip)
Graceful Touch t2, 1:56.2 $161,893 - 3 wins as above. (Pine Chip)








Money Won

Record Time







1:53.8 WR















An outstanding juvenile trotter, Muscle Mass won all 7 of his 2-year-old starts, including the American National Stakes, Bluegrass Stakes, International Stallion Stakes, Review Stakes (in which he set a world record) iand the Hayes Memorial. 



In NZ and Australia Muscle Mass is the sire of 41 Australasian bred winners of over $1,500,000, 3 $100,000 earners including:

KD MUSCLES (f) t, 1:56.8 - $170,402. 11 wins to date. At 3, 2nd G3 NZ Trotting Oaks, Listed NZYSS Trotters Final. Aged, won G3 Tontine Trotters Series Final, 2nd G1 Knight PistolG3 Lenin Trotters FFA, G3 R C Freestone Trotter Cup, 4th G1 Dullard Trotters Cup, G1 Bill Collins Trot. (Armbro Invasion)
 t3, 1:59.3 - $157,793. 7 wins to date. At 2, won G1 Harness Jewels 2YO Ruby, G1 AUS Breeders Crown 2YO Trotting C&G Final, 2nd G1 Redwood Classic, G2 Sires Stks Trotters Chsp, G2 NZ 2YO Trotting Stks. At 3, won G1 NSW Trotters Derby. (Armbro Invasion)
ILLAWONG BYRON t2, 2:00.9 - $118,070. 8 wins to date. At 2, won G1 Redwood Classic, G2 Tatlow Trotters Stks Final, AUS Breeders Crown Semi Final, Vicbred SS Heat, 2nd G1 Vicbred SS 2YO Trotting C&G Final, G1 Home Grown Classic. Australian 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year. (S J’s Photo)
ZHENYA (f) t, 2:02 - $94,719. 10 wins to date. Aged, 2nd G2 Bacardi Lindy Mares Trot, 3rd G3 Shepparton Club Inc. Trotters Cup. (S J’s Photo)
CHEVRON EXPRESS (f) t3, 1:57.4 - $81,512 5 wins to date. At 3, wnr G2 NZ Trotting Oaks, G3 Hambletonian Classic,  2nd North Island Trotting Oaks, 3rd G2 Sires Stks 3YO Trotters Championship. NZ 3YO Trotting Filly Of The Year. NZ 3YO Record Holder - 1950m(Sundon)
t, 1:59.6 - $78,898. 9 wins to date. Aged, 2nd G2 Slater Gartrell Sports Trotters Mobile.  (Armbro Invasion)
(f) t3,1:58.1 - $74,180. 9 wins to date. At 2, wnr Australasian Breeders Crown Heat, Vicbred Home Grown Classic Heat. At 3, won G3 Breeders Crown Silver Trot, G3 Vicbred 3YO Silver Trot, 3rd G1 NSW Oaks, G1 Need For Speed Princess Final. (CR Commando)
HEAVYWEIGHT HERO t2, 1:59.6pl; t3, 2:03.4 - $64,787. 3 wins to date. At 2, 2nd G1 Harness Jewels 2YO Ruby. NZ 3YO Record Holder - 2200m & 2700m. (Sundon)
ILLAWONG SHIMMER (f) t2, 2:01.2 - $61,548. 4 wins to date. At 2, won G1 Home Grown Classic, Vicbred SS Heat, 3rd G1 Vicbred SS 2YO Trotting Fillies Final, G2 Tatlow Stks 2YO Trotters. (Sundon)
CARNERA t, 2:00.3 - $58,645. 7 wins to date. (Continentalman)
(f) t, 2:06.7 - $48,907. 3 wins to date. At 2, 3rd L NZ Yearling Sales 2YO Trot. At 3, 3rd L NZ Yearling Sales 3YO Trot. (Britewell)
t, 1:59.5 - $46,154. 4 wins to date. At 3, 2nd G3 Hambletonian Classic. Sundon
t, 1:56.8 - $44,198. 7 wins to date. (Buvetier D'Aunou)
MASS INVASION t, 2:05.6 - $41,808. 5 wins to date. (Armbro Invasion
GALLEONS VICTORY t, 2:04.2 - $37,258. 4 wins to date. (Earl)
 (f) t, 2:03.6 - $37,254. 5 wins to date. At 3, 3rd G3 Hambletonian Classic. (Live Or Die)
t, 2:01.4 - $33,310. 7 wins to date. (Sundon)
t, 2:01.9 - $31,340. 2 wins to date. (Sundon)
 t, 2:04.3 - $29,859. 4 wins to date. (Armbro Invasion)
(f) t2, 2:05.3 - $28,433. 2 wins to date. At 2, 2nd G3 Vicbred SS 2YO Silver Trot, 3rd G1 Home Grown Classic. (Sundon)
t, 2:02.8 - $22,005. 3 wins to date. (Chiola Hanover)
BONNIE HIGHLANDER (f) t, 2:04.3 - $25,201. 3 wins to date. (Armbro Invasion)
t, 2:02.5 - $21,243. 3 wins to date. At 3, wnr Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Heat. (SJ's Photo)
t, 2:03.1 $20,300. 2 wins to date. (Wagon Apollo)

In North America, Muscle Mass is the sire of 289 winners of over $26,336,000, 88 $100,000 earners including:

RIVETING ROSIE (f) t2, 1:55.6; 3, 1:53; 4, 1:52.8 $973,336 - 14 wins. At 2 O'Brien 2YO Trotting Filly of the Year, wnr Final Peaceful Way Stks, ONSS Super Final, ONSS Gold, Champlain Stks. At 3, O'Brien 3YO Trotting Filly of the Year, wnr ONSS Super Final, 2nd Elegantimage Stks. (Balanced Image)
ON A SUNNY DAY (f) t3, 1:53.6 $549,686 - 10 wins to date. At 2, won 4x ONSS Gold legs. At 3, won ONSS Gold Super Final, 3x ONSS Gold legs. (Promising Catch)
MUSCLE MATTERS t, 1:53.2 $548,882 - 17 wins to date. At 2, won ONSS Super Final, ONSS Gold. At 3, 2nd elim & Final Canadian Breeders Classic. (Conway Hall)
RUBBER DUCK t,1:51.4 $480,376 - 14 wins to date. (SJs Caviar)
 (f) t3, 1:52 $469,617. 13 wins to date. At 2, 2nd ONSS - Super Final. At 3, 2 legs ONSS Gold, Casual Breeze Trot, Duenna Inv, elim Elegantimage. (Yankee Glide
MOTOWN MUSCLE t3, 1:53.8 $460,433. 9 wins to date. At 2, won elim ONSS Gold, 3rd ONSS Super Final, ONSS Gold. At 3, won elim and Final Canadian Breeders Champ, cons. ONSS Gold, leg ONSS Gold, Casual Breeze Trot. (Wall Street Banker
PLUNGE BLUE CHIP (f) t2, 1:53.2 $404,690. 9 wins to date. At 2, won Goldsmith Maid elim and Final, Matron Stakes, 6x NYSS legs. (Donato Hanover)
MASS PRODUCTION t2, 1:54.8 $344,548. 5 wins to date. At 2, Canadian 2YO Trotting Colt of the Year, won ONSS Gold Super Final, 3x ONSS Gold Legs. (Angus Hall)


Mating Hints

Already it is clear that from his first two crops, Muscle Mass has an affinity with Armbro Invasion mares (KD Muscles, Custodian, Mass Invasion ...). This should mean that mares by other sons of Speedy Crown (like Gee Whiz) are also a good match.

Daughters of SJ's Photo (and his sire sons Pegasus Spur and Bacardi Lindy) also look like they are another great match for Muscle Mass with this cross already producing the outstanding Illawong Byron and multiple Group place-getter Zhenya.

Sundon mares of course are another great option with Group 1 winner Illawong Shimmer and the Harness Jewels runner-up Heavyweight Hero both bred this way.

In North America, his richest foal, Riveting Rosie, is out of a Balanced Image mare so down-under this can be replicated through daughters of Earl, MonarchyBrylin Boyz and Yankee Paco, while his second highest earner Muscle Matters is out of a Conway Hall mare - meaning mares by Angus Hall, Majestic Son, The Pres and Monkey Bones are also likely good choices for him.